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The importance of comprehending the business’s Big Picture

The importance of
comprehending the business’s Big Picture

The importance of comprehending the business’s Big Picture


Big picture thinking generates context and also helps individuals to honor the values we need to work by. The integral and connected more you and your staffers feel towards the company, the unlikely you’re subscribing with the “us vs. them factor.”


By Harris Kern


A traveler comes across 3 bricklayers on a scaffold. The traveler asks the first body, “What are you currently doing?”


The very first responds, “I am making a wage.”


The traveler then asks the second body, “What are you currently doing?”


The next responds, “I am creating a wall.”


They’re doing the exact same “work.” Which of the 2 is laying the greater brick?


The traveler then asks the 3rd one, “What are you currently doing?”


The 3rd responds, “I am creating a cathedral.”


The story illustrates the strength which “big picture” thinking has over the daily job of installing bricks. But just how does this particular story match with the job of yours as CIO? If the IT division is able to know the role of its within the business’s big picture objectives, then it turns into a far more indispensable part of the staff, and the IT staff members, in turn, could realize that their actions affect the general company. This gives them the chance to act as partners in the company instead simply worker bees, since witnessing the place of theirs in the achievements of the company allows them making choices and put forward innovative ideas that go beyond just meeting the complex demands requested by their customer groups. The ability of theirs to add value, in case they’ve a huge picture-understanding and a big picture mindset, increases considerably.


When It’s aboard with the real picture, the majority of the business will likely be made to open IT to be a business partner and also entrust them for consulting job rather than just considering them to be a support department.


The energy of the Real picture The main point here is that everyone has to watch the big Picture. This sort of thinking creates context and also helps individuals to honor the values we need to live and also work by. Individuals, generally, aren’t stimulated by values alone. Rather, many people are attracted to outcomes. The integral and connected more you as well as your staff members feel towards the company, the unlikely you’re subscribing to the “us also them factor.” Staying away from this attitude leads to being less prone to disregard the values of ours in managing others, since we think much more of a link with others with who we share the company.


Allow me to share some other reasons it is essential to grasp the significant picture:


When it is time to create a judgment call you’re much more apt to create 1 in favor of the company. This allows you to make decisions on the battlefield inside the midst of activity with confidence.

The important picture is about clarity: you understand exactly where you’re headed as well as your actions are arranged with the company objectives. with the real picture clearly in mind, every single choice you make & every action you’re taking could be viewed in light of just how it supports and hinders the business

Well-managed IT teams do the work of theirs within the context of the real picture. They don’t work on projects together with the task itself being the biggest view they’ve of the company. Instead, they see their tasks within the range of the bigger company and where the company in its entirety is headed.

The greater meaningful a company gets to people, the more energy people exert to produce success. This’s very different compared to a mission or maybe vision statement which is “owned” by the group rather than the people.

Consequence-based thinking


We think of this understanding of the big picture as “living above or perhaps beneath the line.” As you are able to discover in Figure A, residing above the series places focus on the circumstances. This includes decisions come to be reactions justified by the problem not pushed toward a consequence. You are less in charge of the outcome.


Find A


 Figure B, on another hand, illustrates just how living below the series puts probably the highest concern on the desired result. As an outcome, every decision may be weighed against the impact of its on outcomes rather compared to its “rightness,” given the circumstances.


Figure B


 With the application of consequence based thinking, individuals recognize that ideas aren’t any one person’s duty or maybe that efforts alone will result in the answers which will reach the desired consequences. Regardless of the issues, they are able to be solved by modifying the mindset of the people. The concentration has to be working as a group and also implement consequence based thinking; the organization ‘s leader will learn this is not only a methodology. The process is going to lead to solutions and this’s why:


It’s vital that people in any part of a company know how they connect to and provide the total functions of the company. This’s very pertinent for all those in IT positions.

People must be structured into workgroups which are arranged to deliver the true reason for the presence of the business – the “business.”

A dedication to deliver the company differs from a dedication to serve the workgroup or even team.

It’s just as important however, for people to know how they hook up to and serve their the organization, department, and own workgroups as a full, and just how that “system” supports the company.

It’s also essential for people to know how they hook up to and serve various other departments and workgroups to be able to work synergistically within the group for the achievements of the company.

Individuals must gauge their actions and decisions in light of just how specific choices and actions work the company on the company, not simply by just how good they serve the results of the needs or a project of a division.

It’s vital that members serotonin teams see themselves and the work of theirs as center on the company and never view the IT feature as an appendage on the company. It’s an important thread which is woven throughout all elements of the business. The majority of the company is not likely to see it as a result if the IT staff doesn’t see itself in this manner and doesn’t address each endeavor with only such a mindset.

As members serotonin teams understand the place of theirs within the business and the role of theirs in serving the company on the business (and not simply the various other departments in the group), it is very likely that others will display them as necessary and critical partners who could be trusted to provide answers which do not simply serve process, but genuinely serve business outcomes. As an outcome, they acquire much more chance to affect their internal clients with adequate ways. This particular view of the role of theirs, mixed with their commitment and understanding to the company, will enable them to produce solutions which go well beyond the requirements expressed by internal customers, to eventually benefit the overall occupation.


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