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is a UAE based Documentation and General Services group over two decades of proven service records with. Millions of people from all walks of life witness and certify the quality of services it provided in this short time span. Our experienced, efficient, and dedicated staffs are standby to serve you -round the clock-attending to your requirements, solving your problems and ease your difficulties; that with accuracy, privacy and proficiency.

It offers prompt and comprehensive end to end service in a wide range of your requirements pertained to ministerial, departmental and general documentation works; as well as in business setup, translation, secretarial works; and helps you in your office automation by providing state of the art software solutions.

Medical Fitness Certificate and Health Card service is our hallmark.

New born Service is a specialization of MEDI EXPRESS.

Besides the above, we have one more exclusive services: Sahlan Escort ServiceTM ; trusted and prestigious services provided for the applicants of medical fitness certificates; and for all our customers in general.

MEDI EXPRESS helps you ease your problems you may encounter while interacting with any of departments ,companies or individuals.


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